Go Green This Spring

General Dentistry Los Altos


There are plenty of ways to show your enthusiasm for the spring season and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without ruining your teeth this holiday! Consider a few new ways to celebrate with friends and family this year.



Green Your Mealtime Without Greening Your Smile

Add some kale or spinach to a smoothie, or smash some avocados on top of your toast for naturally green foods that won’t stain your teeth with the harsh dyes found in artificial food colorings. If that green beer is undeniably calling your name, follow up your holiday festivities with an oral exam with your Los Altos dentists Dr. McBirney and Dr. Diamond to ensure your teeth and mouth are well-maintained after an afternoon or two of less-than-ideal oral health influences.

Go Green With Your Oral Health Care

Consider using St. Patrick’s Day as an excuse to help motivate your whole family to “Go Green” with their oral health care! Switch to biodegradable dental floss, and look for toothpaste brands that are natural and non-damaging to the environment. Wooden toothbrushes with natural bristles are also a great way to lessen your carbon footprint and “Go Green” in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day!


Avoid Dental Emergencies

The day after St. Patrick’s Day has become notorious amongst dentists for an abnormally high rate of dental emergencies, as compared to other days throughout the year. Dr. McBirney and Dr. Diamond understand that accidents happen, but want to make sure that everyone is on their best behavior during a holiday that might encourage those of-age to participate in of-age activities! If you do by chance find yourself in a dental emergency this St. Patrick’s Day, call Legacy Dental Care to schedule an early appointment so that your smile can be restored and you can be back in action well before the Easter bunny hops your way.

To learn more about Going Green this Spring, and to schedule your next oral wellness exam at Legacy Dental Care, call 650-948-0786 today!